VFW Auxiliary

department of new jersey

**all dates and times are subject to change

2018-19 Schedule

July 14th Department Commander Homecoming -- VFW 5579

July 21-26th VFW National Convention -- Kansas City, MO

​August 4th Council of Administration Meeting -- VFW 8867 10am

August 11th School of Instruction -- St Barnabas Church Bayville 10am

August 18th Initation and Installation of VFW Auxiliary 8096 Butler 2pm

August 19th VFW Council of Administration Meeting -- VFW 3525

​August 25th School of Instruction -- St Barnabas Church Bayville 10am

September 6-9th National President Homecoming -- Baltimore, MD

September 7th CAFE -- Gettysburg, PA

​September 14th District 2 Official Visit

September 15th District 3 Official Visit -- VFW 1302

​September 16th District 6 Official Visit -- VFW 2179

​September 22nd District 1 Official Visit -- VFW 6765

September 23rd District 4 Official Visit -- VFW 493

September 29th District 16 Official Visit

September 30th District 17 Official Visit -- VFW 386

October 7th Finns Point Memorial 10am

October 7th District 11 Official Visit -- VFW 6805

October 19th District 15 Official Visit -- VFW 2290

October 20th District 19 Official Visit -- VFW 5119

October 21st District 7 Official Visit -- VFW 3324

October 26-28th Fall Conference -- Embassy Suites  Piscataway

November 3rd District 13 Official Visit -- VFW 1616

November 4th -- District 18 Official Visit -- VFW 3525

November 9th District 8 Official Visit

November 10th District 12 Official Visit

November 16-18th Eastern States Conference -- Farmington, MA

November 26-28th National President's Visit

January 19th Voice of Democracy Dinner -- Holiday Inn Cherry Hill

February 9th Patriot's Pen Luncheon

March 2-5th Voice of Democracy Program/Legislative Conference -- Washington DC

March 14-17th Mid-Year Conference -- Tuscon, AZ

May 19th Memorial Services at Beverly National Cemetary

May 25th Memorial Services at Brig. Gen. William C. Doyle Cemetary

June 19-23rd 100th Department Convention -- Wildwood, NJ