Welcome to Fall!

I would like to take the time to Congratulate the following Auxiliaries who have reached 100+% : 215, 1616, 1838, 2648, 7470 and 10118.

We also have 21 Auxiliaries that have reached the 85+%  goal for September.

Please continue to send those dues reminders.


  1. Please send the original application to our Department Treasurer, Jean George, to input the new member.
  2. All elected officers must have their dues paid by 12/31/18, to keep their positions.
  3. Don’t forget to send “Just One” Recruiting Cards to me. The first drawing is at the Fall Conference.
  4. Please make sure your personal information is current. If not update now.

Membership Memos

Alice Sandman

2018-19 Membership Chairman

VFW Auxiliary

department of new jersey