VFW Auxiliary

department of new jersey

Eloise "Ellie" Eith

​Department President

Flying Over The Rainbow For Our Veterans

March 2018​

​​Have you made your plans to attend the Spring Conference at the Embassy Suites, Piscataway on Saturday, March lo""? The Conference meeting will begin at 10:30AM. There will also be a dinner that evening to recognize our 100% Auxiliaries and Districts. Those Auxiliaries who achieved their 100% by December 31,2017 will receive their cash award along with a certificate of recognition at the dinner. Auxiliaries who did not qualify for the cash award but achieved 100% by March 1,2018 will be recognized with a certificate at the dinner. If you need more information concerning the Conference or dinner please contact the Chairman Lori Cannon.

Several members have asked me questions concerning what is the Auxiliary uniform. Many of us are familiar with the Marine blue pants, skirt, jacket and white blouse or the Marine blue dress with jacket and pillbox hat. There was a short time when the Marine blue shirt was worn with black pants or skirt and a black jacket and that was considered our "uniform". However, several years ago at our National Auxiliary Convention it was voted that the VFW Auxiliary would no longer have an official uniform. The uniform was replaced by an optional "official look." The Marine blue blouse is that optional "official look." It is the decision of the President on every level (Auxiliary, District, Department and National) what she/he wants as their "uniform". I have selected as my "uniform" a white blouse or shirt, black slacks/pants and for our female members a patriotic scarf. If the Marine blue blouse/shirt is selected then the "official look" rules as found on page 99 of the 2018 By-Laws and Ritual Book must be followed.

I would like to remind all of the Auxiliary Presidents that now is the time to have their Chairmen gather what they need to submit their end of the year reports which are due April 15, 2018. This is also a good time for Auxiliary and District Presidents to prepare to submit their reports for their respective contests.

As we welcome the arrival of Spring this month on March 20'^ can our State Convention be far away? Mark your calendars for June 13-16,2018and look for more information to come soon.

Continue the great work you are doing for our veterans, military and their families. Our current VFW Auxiliary year may be coming to an end but the needs and concerns of our Veterans have no "year end". Thank you for all you do and I hope to see you at our Spring Conference and Recognition dinner.